Sizwe Banzi is Dead…

… No need to worry – we’re just talking about a most excellent play that I went to see last week.

I was really disappointed to have missed this play at the Young Vic first time round, so extremely pleased to get another chance and bag tickets for the current run.

Set in Apartheid South Africa in 1972, Sizwe Banzi is Dead deals with the unfunny issue of the much hated passbooks enforced on black South Africans. Injecting lots of humour appropriately along the way, the story of a moral dilemma of identity and survival unfolds.

Segregating the audience from the start gave an ever-so-slight taste of the foul treatment non whites suffered at the hands of the cruel and odious Apartheid regime.

With stunning performances from actors Sibusiso Mambo and Tonderai Munyevu, the 90 minute drama with no break was over too quickly to even notice the sore bum and stiff limbs acquired from sitting squashed up on benches in a packed theatre.

Touring the UK now, catch it where / while you can, it’s fab and tickets will sell out fast!



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