Especially for you Deb… 2

…Well since you commented that I hadn’t blogged for a while…(it’s ok for you to say you miss me you know 🙂 ).

Beaut day here, spring finally looks like it’s springin’. I know how much you like to hear about our walks and associated eating. Today we walked round the Olympic Park.

Olympic rings, Olympic Park, LondonOlympic Stadium, London


 T’was lovely. Then we came home and had a good feed of mixed berry vegan soda bread from the wonderful folk at Yam the Cassava (remember them and how I kept going back for more…).

So while the weather is hotting up here, and hopefully we’ve seen the last of the floods, you lot down under will soon be preparing for colder nights…ne ne ne ne ne.

T’was a beaut day yesterday as well which prompted me to get out with me camera and take some pictures for my spring gallery

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2 thoughts on “Especially for you Deb…

  • Deb

    Haha! First off, I nearly didn’t open your blog as I guessed that now you are back in the big baad workforce lack of time would probably mean lack of walks and eating etc……….. Happily, how wrong I was!

    As ever, great pics and good to see blue sky over Pomsville.

    We had a very sunny and hot weekend here actually!!!! BBQ with my girl and the Lovemore girls and London Les on Friday night….sat out on patio till weeee hours. Saturday Cass and me sunbathed all day on deck in the hot heat….only moving to jump in pool to cool down! My bum is well burnt – seriously!

    So still summer here! nah nah nah nah nah!!!!

  • aba Post author

    Alright, alright there’s no need to gloat…
    Work keeping me busy but a gal’s gotta eat. Then walk it off… Good to hear all sunny on the hill.