An evening of poetry

Not something I would normally go to, poetry. However, as this English Pen Inspirations event involved the fabulous Patience Agbabi and the most excellent dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson, it was definitely worth a punt. I was not disappointed.

I could listen to both of them recite poetry all day. Their voices and rhythms are so lyrical and intoxicating.

The event was in support of English PEN, a world wide writers association which campaigns to defend readers’ and writers’ whose human right to freedom of expression are at risk.

Here’s a clip of Patience performing – Prologue to the Canterbury Tales (not performed on the night but just to give you an idea of how fab she is…).

And here’s a clip of Linton performing If I Woz a Tap Natch Poet (which he did perform on the night much to the delight of myself and others present).

So a great evening, and I may well be expanding my poetry horizons in the future… – Added bonus, the best falafel I’ve had anywhere, a very short hop from the excellent Tricycle Theatre which hosted the evening .


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