Sea and sky

Blue is the warmest colour

2nd film in less than a week, I’m on a roll here. You don’t spot a decent film for ages then 3 come along at once…

Sea and sky














Blue is the warmest colour is French, and very, very, loooong (- 3hr and 7 minutes to be precise).

Girl (Adèle) meets girl with blue hair (Emma), falls in love. All ends predictably in infidelity, much eye water and snot. Could easily have been done and dusted in half the time saving me a numb bum…

That said I did enjoy it. The acting is great and the wee primary school kids unbelievably cute and adorable…

So, go see it if you have a spare half day. Just the ticket for a cold winter afternoon.

My 2¢…but check out the trailers and make up your own mind.

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