Beautiful sunny morning 2

Woke up to a beautiful sunny morning which inspired me to take a walk and some more photos, then come back home and start a new collection of photos on the seasons.

Looking forward to having guests for Sunday lunch tomorrow and us all catching up with Deb on Skype. She’s got a dongle now you know which is a rare and wonderful thing in the rural land of the roo. Crocodile Dundee eat your heart out (serves you right Deb for showing off all that lovely sunshine by your pool… til tomorrow…xx)

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2 thoughts on “Beautiful sunny morning

  • Deb

    ……and I didn’t bat an eyelid (no pun there!)…..being woken at 4.30a.m. by the gaggle of girls at Aba’s in full swing and eating apple crumble desert.

    Yes, an hour into the skype I did show you a beaut. sunrise via skype…..however, when we started our conversation it was total darkness and middle of the night!!

    Guess I will be seeing a few sunrises in the next few days – having NOT been to bed yet!!!! Happy New Year Aba and Aceeeeeeeee. xoxoxox