Water bottles

Restorative break… aaahhh… 1

Recently back from a wonderful week at Casa Granadina, being hosted by the fantastic Rosie.

Just what we needed and we couldn’t have been better taken care of… Walks, food, evening entertainment (Scrabble mostly), company all totally top notch, and added bonus, wonderful weather for the whole week (though not sure Rosie had complete control of the latter).

Day one was a relaxed walk to the lovely village of Guaro from Cortijo Pulgarín Bajo. The natural spring there is pretty popular and some folk went a bit over the top filling their water bottles…

Water bottles

Filling water bottles from the natural spring…













A very pleasant walk with great views of the imposing Mount Maroma in the distance…



Moung Maroma












Our walk the following day was slightly more adventurous (for that read “treacherous”), and we needed a real head for heights, with narrow paths and sheer drops.

The walk started in the town of Canillas de Aceituno, and followed the Ruta Mudéjar along irrigation channels built by the Moors.















Well we followed the path til we got to here anyway…


cliff edge












Then rather than scrambling over loads of loose rock to avoid the non path, we retraced our steps and found a nice spot for a picnic… far more civilised… and for an added bonus, we were able to return with our lives in tact…

Our next walk was a beautiful cliff top walk to the nudist beach at Playa El Cañuelo. Stunning views and a flat sea.

The following day it was off to Alfarnate passing by fields of artichokes in flower, scrumping the odd apple here and there, and watching the sheep herders, doing their thing.

We got in at least 5 stunning walks with Rosie, and pottered about doing short walks in the vicinity of her cottage, Casa Granadina. Check out the gallery for more pictures from this trip.


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