Wind and rain in Collingwood – we’re off to Kaikoura

Yesterday was a day of ferocious wind and rain in Collingwood. No matter though – we had a plan B which was to head into Takaka. Mooched around and very soon scored myself a pair of very comfy walking sandals from the only shoe shop in town worth buying shoes at. And watched a fella’s heart sink as his missus couldn’t decide between the pink, yellow, or patterned Dr Martens boots so bought all 3 (to be fair my advice to her “if you can’t decide between them just get them all” probably didn’t help matters).

As it was still bucketing down, and for the third time, most fortuitously a film we wanted to see (Life of Pi – really good) was showing at the local cinema and we were just in time.

Takaka Cinema

Afterwards it was still raining a bit but was clearing up nicely so in the mean time we stopped and had a cuppa in the bakery next door, accompanied by a most delicious cinnamon swirl, and amused ourselves by reading the tea towels.

Takaka Tea  Room

Cecily Tea Towels

Another little wander around town followed. Great bike shop…

Bike Shop

with good quality free advice…

Bike Advice

By now the weather had cleared up nicely so en route back to Collingwood we stopped off at Pupu Springs where the water is amazingly clear and very, very deep and water pours into the main spring at an unbelievable rate of knots…

Pupu Springs

Pupu Springs

Pupu Springs

And you walk through very green native bush to get to them.

Fern Leaf

Positive change in the weather meant we could actually see the view from Golden Bay lookout too…

Golden Bay

By the time we got back to Collingwood it was all good for a lovely evening walk along the beautiful beach while the tide was just about out enough – when it goes out it goes out several kilometress – when it comes in it was all but lapping at the wheels of our campervan. Masses of driftwood deposited on the long, long beach which is also lined with beautiful Puhutakawa trees…

Collingwood Beach

Collingwood Beach

Who woulda thought with all that wind and rain during the day we’d get to see the sun ever again, let alone such a glorious sunset…

Collingwood Sunset

So onto today. Early start for long drive to Kaikoura via a stop in nelson to sort out a mishap with a wing mirror a few days back.

While it was being fixed we had a delicious coffee and slice of pizza at Kush – recommended to us by a woman on the street who we’d asked for directions. Friendly service and free wireless with your coffee -  Kushti! as our Delboy would say.

Little mooch round Nelson and we were back on our way, wing mirror restored to its former glory. Not before taking the advice of a Nelson local to break our journey at Havelock the mussel capital of NZ to sample the mussels (can’t eat em meself but I’m told they were gooooood…)

Hairy Mussel

Bag o Mussels

Mussel Shell

Mussel Shell

Beautiful onward drive, en route stopped of at Kekerengu Store for a cuppa and a stroll along the beach keeping a watchful eye on our cinnamon swirl so the seagulls didn’t nick off with it…

Kekerengu Store

Kekerengu Beach

So here we are, safely arrived in Kaikoura, beautiful evening. Busy but ok site and hopefully while we’re here over the next couple of days we’ll get the chance of a whale watch…

Til next time then…

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