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So the “inclement” weather of New Years’ Day turned into something a little more serious and we’re stranded here in Franz Josef. Bridge to the north of us (the direction we’re headed to next) is washed out and repair unlikely until Saturday. To the south the road was also out yesterday as river levels too high. As there is only one road in / out of here, we were stuck. Possible to go south today but that’s a bloody long diversion back the way we came, up the east coast and back inland to the west coast so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the bridge will be fixed on schedule…

Yesterday was a day of no internet, or telephones, intermittent power cuts and a day of pretty much torrential rain, as was the night before. Cut off from the outside world, we felt our best option for the morning was a long lie in – much needed as we’ve both now got this coughy coldy thing, and the dampness here isn’t particularly helping.

So there was a bit of this…


A bit of this…


A lot of this…

Watching the rain

Whilst listening to the radio.

And when the rain lightened up a little a wander into “town” to see what rainy day activities we could indulge in. We opted to see “flowing west”, a 21 min movie about the glaciers supposedly. Worst $12 I’ve spent in NZ so far. Rubbish! Sure there was the odd nice shot but the whole thing was a bit like an ad for why you should take a scenic flight tour. No proper commentary a lot of shots of ground and water and not very inspiring. Franz Josef itself does have its attractions though.

Visitor’s Centre





Woke this morning and blow me down it wasn’t raining. Better still the sun was actually shining so we could actually see the mountains that have been invisible for the last couple of days.


Gradually phone and internet came back on, bridge still looking like Saturday for a fix so we’ll be stuck here for a little while longer yet.

Took advantage of the gap in the rain to do a little walk in the rain forest. Bloody beautiful and only short so matched our energy levels.

Terrace Walk




Trying for a scenic flight this afternoon. Our 3pm flight cancelled due to looming cloud, so we trying again for 4.30. Will see how we get on and post pics later if it works out.

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4 thoughts on “Stranded…

  • sue

    Belated Happy New Year Abs and love to Acyee.
    I am so glad you were cut off when you weren’t alone. Two women and computerised scrabble – what more do you need?
    Tell me the homecoming details (you told me date but not time and place) if you want me to see if I can get you. Sue x

  • aba

    🙂 it’s ok we are not the only ppl stranded here i would’ve been ok. however tis true Ace makes a much nicer scrabble companion :-D. happy new year we’re off to see if we can get that scenic glacier flight now…

  • Deb

    Well girls! We had the very best NY weather here……perfect in fact, not a drop of rain, not a cloud in the sky and a VERY hot NY day. Just as well Lynda has pool at my Lismore house!!!!

    Partied for 3 days non stop …. NY party spectacular, had the best time at Recovery party – it was wild…….then house party at Lynda’s place where I was staying. Doesn’t get better.

    Still time to book that ticket and get some heat in ya bones in da sunshine!!!!…………I do know that when it rains on South Island it RAINS!! love to yous both and Great New Year xxxxxxxDj

  • Aba

    @ Deb, glad you had a good time. Weather has hotted up here now, so thanks but not thanks, back to having fun here now 🙂 – super hot today and we’re off to golden bay tomorrow, forecast is good…
    Glad all well with you xx