Christchurch 2

Last day in NZ but we still had the best part of a day to go as we were on an evening flight.

After packing our gear up (sniff – oi I’m tryna be brave here) and making the van look presentable (blub), we headed back into Christchurch to visit the museum and botanical gardens. Both very interesting.

There was a really touching display of photographs taken by local children representing the effect the earthquake had had on their environment and lives. This one shows the shipping containers bolstering up the hillside in Sumner that we’d driven past the previous day.

Quake views

Also loads of really interesting stuff about the history of Christchurch including excellent displays of Maori Pounamou (jade) carving.


The botanical gardens next door had some really excellent floral displays but this tree (which looks like its having a really bad hair day) caught me eye…


Then it was almost time to go, but not before a quick spot of lunch and a brief walk around town. I was really sad to see the amount of devastation in the city – unrecognisable since my last visit. A lot of demolition going on, and many central streets no go areas.


No access

Life and the rebuild of the city still goes on though, there’s always a good cup of coffee to be had somewhere, and if you fancy a punt on the river Avon while you’re at it, you can…

Coffee van

Punting on the river

Much as we tried to string it out before leaving, we eventually had to say goodbye to NZ’s fabulous shores, end a fantastic trip, and make the long, long, journey home…

Take off

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2 thoughts on “Christchurch

  • Deb

    Tooooooo sad to know that you are winging it home right now. Don’t envy you.
    Was just on phone to Max (she who does the ceramic women on my walls!)….she was in the same storm as you and had to do the same trip back south and up east coast again to get home to Nelson.
    I enjoyed your trip!!!!!…….thank god I didn’t have to do the friggin walking tho!!! Contact me when you get home and recovered. xxxxxxxxDj

  • Acyee and Aba

    Hi Debs,
    We are still recovering, not quite in the UK time zone and not liking the cold at all.
    Are you sure you were not tempted by at least a couple of the walks??
    Okay okay only kidding.
    Definitely won over by NZ and already planning my next trip back.
    Hope to catch up with you on Skype when next over at Aba’s.
    Take Care.