Chillin’ in Collingwood

So finally made it to Collingwood after our night in Motueka which is itself a nice town and I got a chance to catch up with the friends I stayed with there on my last trip. Great to see them and the two new additions to the family.

Mooched around Mot for a bit yesterday then went over to Marahau and walked a bit of the Abel Tasman track to Coquille Bay. Lovely spot which I’ve not managed to get past on the 3 occasions I’ve started a walk here.

Coquille Bay

Coquille Bay

Chilled on the beach there for a bit watching a seagull watch me warily as she sat on her nest.

Nesting Seagull

Watching the kayakers, and playing on the rocks checking out the cute baby mussels… Beautiful day.

On the Rocks

Later it was over the hill to Takaka and then on to Collingwood for some well deserved chill time.

Welcome to Collingwood

For a tiny place, Collingwood has a lot going on. The smallest courthouse in the world… Ok so it’s a cafe now but the sign amused me.


There’s also a great little museum.

Collingwood was one of my fave places last trip so couldn’t come all the way back to NZ without revisiting and staying at one of my favourite camping grounds.

Collingwood Motorcamp


Love it here!

Van is parked right on the sea with a beautiful view of the beach when the tide is out (and it goes way, way out), and the sea when the tide is in. A much clearer and more pleasant view than the one we had when we were stranded in rainy Franz Josef a few days ago.

Campervan View

And there are some cool vehicles about the place

Mobile Home

It was pretty windy last night and a lot of today which was the perfect excuse for a lie in.

Have done bugger all today except sleep late, do a bit of washing, have some more fush n chups, book an eco tour to Farewell Spit tomorrow, have an afternoon nap… oh and we did eventually drag ourselves out for a short walk along the beach and a later an evening walk by the estuary…

Along the Estuary


Wally’s Rest

Much as I’ve enjoyed driving, it’s really nice not to have to do any for a few days.
So, hard to take pics of doing nothing but expect I’ll take some more tomorrow when we’re at the Spit – weather and tides permitting…

Road to Farewell

Got a visit to Rosie Glow’s specialist choc shop to look forward to as well, and I’ve been promised an ice cream. Aah this is the life…

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