Monthly archives: January 2013

Christchurch 2

Last day in NZ but we still had the best part of a day to go as we were on an evening flight. After packing our gear up (sniff – oi I’m tryna be brave here) and making the van look presentable (blub), we headed back into Christchurch to visit the museum and botanical gardens. Both very interesting. There was a really touching display of photographs taken by local children […]


So after a gorgeous sunset in Kaikoura last night… … we woke to our penultimate day in NZ. Very sad to think we’ll be leaving tomorrow but lots of memories of a fantastic trip. Decided to make the most of today so had packed up camp and were on the road by 9.30. Stopped off in Cheviot an hour or so later for coffee and mini second light brekky at […]

A lovely walk along the peninsula 3

Woke to a gorgeous morning and as we’ve been kinda sluggish for the last few days, decided it was time to start walking off all those ice creams, cooked breakfasts, hearty dinners and late night chocolate munching. Fantastic day for it and we set off with good intentions. Our first mistake (OK I’ll own it, *my* first mistake) was to stop off at Global Fusion just to “have a look” […]

Wind and rain in Collingwood – we’re off to Kaikoura

Yesterday was a day of ferocious wind and rain in Collingwood. No matter though – we had a plan B which was to head into Takaka. Mooched around and very soon scored myself a pair of very comfy walking sandals from the only shoe shop in town worth buying shoes at. And watched a fella’s heart sink as his missus couldn’t decide between the pink, yellow, or patterned Dr Martens […]

Farewell Spit

Great day today doing an excellent value Eco tour of Farewell Spit with the folk that do what it says on the tin – Farewell Spit Eco Tours. Civilised start of 10 o’clock and 3 mins walk from our campervan – even better… Lots of interesting facts about Collingwood, Farewell Spit, its bird life, the dune formations, the lighthouse etc. in a well woven story told with obvious passion for […]

Chillin’ in Collingwood

So finally made it to Collingwood after our night in Motueka which is itself a nice town and I got a chance to catch up with the friends I stayed with there on my last trip. Great to see them and the two new additions to the family. Mooched around Mot for a bit yesterday then went over to Marahau and walked a bit of the Abel Tasman track to […]

The Great Escape

So, we finally got our time on the glacier a couple of days ago ( – losing all track of time here) and it was absolutely breathtaking. As it was going to be at least Tuesday til the bridge was fixed (and it was Friday and we had shit to do, places to go), we decided to bite the bullet high tail it out of Franz Josef while we could. […]

Stranded… 4

So the “inclement” weather of New Years’ Day turned into something a little more serious and we’re stranded here in Franz Josef. Bridge to the north of us (the direction we’re headed to next) is washed out and repair unlikely until Saturday. To the south the road was also out yesterday as river levels too high. As there is only one road in / out of here, we were stuck. […]

New Years Day and some… shall we say… inclement weather 4

Was still feeling a bit feak and weeble yesterday so we took it easy for the day. Walked into town for a nourishing smoothie at Soul Food and then took a gentle stroll around the lake to Eely Point. Then back to Cafe Gusto for my fix of honey, lemon and ginger – their version, unsurpassed in town. It was a bit rainy and cold at times and what with feeling a […]