Yearly Archives: 2012

Store Bay

Fully recovered from last evening’s bout of motion sickness we were ready to tackle the sea again. This time from land! A couple of hours spent at the beach in Store Bay. Crashing waves and rough sea so no swimming, so had to make do with a bit of a paddle and getting drenched now and again by the spray. Fortunately there was also entertainment laid on in the form […]

Back to Tobago

A leisurely brekky and morning in the pool at Norma’s followed by lunch at the local food court before our final taxi ride with the trusty Parish to the port for our ferry crossing to Tobago. Bye bye Trini and thanks for a wonderful time, hope to return in the not-to-distant future. The crossing was terrible! Rough, rough, rough. Now I’ve done a lot of boat trips but this was […]

Asa Wright

After all the partying it was time to get back to natcha. Off to Asa Wright National Park for a spot of birdwatching, rainforest hiking and general lovely natural wordliness. A smorgasbord of hummingbirds  other vibrant feathered and non feathered creatures including Agoutis (a bit like a large rat), MatMat (lizard), beautiful rainforest trees and plants. I was in heaven… On our mini hike through the park with the excellent […]


Started the day with a hearty breakfast at Norma’s to fortify us for our dancing in the streets marathon, then a half hour in the pool (it was another hot, hot, day dammit!). Ever reliable Parish, our friendly cabby turned up at the allotted time to run us into town for the main parade day of the carnival festivities and a chance to get up close and personal with the […]

Beach, beach, beach

Leisurely morning and then picked up by our  friendly and now familiar taxi man, Parish. This time we were off to Las Cuevas, the next beach along from Maracas Bay. As we headed out of town, evidence of the previous nights “Jouvert” celebrations was everywhere in the form of paint covered people and streets. En route to Las Cuevas stopped off at Williams Bay and the nearby yacht club. Lots […]

Dimanche Gras

After hanging about at Norma’s during the day, relaxing dip in the pool, in the evening we were off to sample our first taste of the spectacle that is Trinidad carnival. Taxi ride into the stadium at Queen’s Park Savannah, bag a good seat and settle down for an evening of Calypso, Pans, and a parade of amazing carnival costumes. I was completely blown away. The amount of work and […]

Edith Falls & Maracas Bay, Trinidad

Sorted out a taxi for the day and headed up to Chaguaramas in the North of the island for our first little taste of Trinidad’s lovely natural environment. A couple of hours drive away with wonderful scenery en route. Short hike up to Edith Falls through amazing bamboo forest. Giant, creaking bamboos all over the shop. Passed a couple returning from the falls who when asked “how were the falls” […]

Norma’s Place, Trinidad

After a nice smooth crossing from Tobago, and a half hour taxi ride from Port of Spain here we are at the very lovely Norma’s Place in Valsayn. Another warm welcome, great room and lovely little pool. After offloading our stuff it was straight out to the food hall at the local mall and a quick recky of the area. Beautiful, quiet residential area with views of the mountains in […]


Very excited about being in Tobago. My first time on the Island. Spending a couple of days here in Scarborough in a lovely appartment before heading off to Trinidad for carnival. Free mangos (if you can find them – it’s out of season) at “Mango Fields” park just down the road. Kudos to the women who keep the park all nice and trim, friendly and welcoming and lovely chat. Enjoying […]