Wonderful Wanaka via Queenstown, Bob’s Cove Walk and the Crown Range 4

Well needless to say, we didn’t get round to walking that bit of the Kepler Track we promised ourselves a couple of days ago… Simply ran out of time after the amazing Doubtful Sound cruise.

Instead went into town for internet, dinner, and more ice cream and promised ourselves faithfully we’d make up for the lack of physical activity the following day.

So set off mid morning for the longish drive to Wanaka. Stopped at Five Rivers en route for coffee and second brekky at the excellent Five Rivers Cafe and Gallery. Take note though, a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich here (and apparently elsewhere in NZ) means ham lettuce and tomato – fine, as long as you’re not expecting the delicious manuka smoked bacon we’ve been getting used to…

Five Rivers Cafe Sign

Nice views and farm animals including alpacas laid on…

Five Rivers Cafe

Tasteful decor and assorted art, as well as more opportunities for souvenir shopping…


Five Rivers Cafe

Back on the road again…

Road Sign


Just past Kingston the vista opens up to wonderful views of the remarkable, Remarkables – mountains surrounding Lake Wakatipu which is huge. The road winds around the lake until you eventually hit Queenstown. Just outside, coming up to Franktown, we encountered our first “proper” traffic jam as cars queued to go single file across the bridge…

“Traffic Jam”

Still nothing by London standards and we were soon back on the move.

Straight through Queenstown and out the other side up the Glenorchy Road about 14km for a fantastic 3 hour return stroll up to Bob’s Cove picnic area.

Bob’s Cove Track Sign

Not very many people about either apart from say, 6 or 7 other walkers and this group of pleasant climbing nutters off to risk life and limb”climbing” down the river.


A very lovely walk through the bush …

White Foxgloves




and most excellent views of the lake and surrounding mountains along the way, and particularly from the lookout at the picnic spot.

Lake View

Lake View

Legs suitably stretched, time for the last leg of the drive to Wanaka over the Crown Range – twisty turny mountain road with absolutely stunning views of the valley below…

Crown Range


So here we are in Wanaka which is gearing up for its big New Year’s Eve bash tomorrow. I’m meant to be going on a bike ride for the afternoon but here I am in an internet cafe instead… Well better press on while the sun is still out.  Catch up with you again soon…

… So hired a bike from Thunderbikes on Helwick Street. Ok bikes but go for the mountain bike option if there’s any chance you’ll be going up any sort of incline – and as even the flat bits are generally on a bit of an incline, go for the mountain bike! (I didn’t and suffered the consequences!)

Was feeling a little under the weather so cycle ride mainly consisted of me going back to camp to swap my heavy backpack for a lighter one, cycling along the lake towards Glendhu Bay, not getting very far, cycling back into town and having a soothing and delicious honey and lemon at Cafe Gusto on Lakeside St (or Drive – can’t remember which now)…

Cafe Gusto

… returning my bike to the shop after a couple of hours, only to find I had to cycle back to campsite to get the pump and inner tube I’d left behind when I did the bag swap earlier… that hill that doesn’t look like much of a hill, is in fact… a hill… my coughy chesty lungs did not thank me for making them do all that work again!

Later met up with Ace (who’d taken the easy option and gone on a wine tour – Hic!) and we went for a delish Thai at Thai Siam next door to Cafe Gusto.  Then took a gentle stroll along the lake…

Lake Wanaka


Lake Wanaka

…back to camp.

Aspiring Campervan Park

Nice way to end a chilled day.

New Year’s Eve tomorrow, so no doubt will have an opportunity to sample the delights of Wanaka’s lively celebrations.

Happy New Year to all til next time…

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4 thoughts on “Wonderful Wanaka via Queenstown, Bob’s Cove Walk and the Crown Range

  • Deb

    I’d have been on the wine tour with you Ace!!!!! All you two seem to do is eat and walk – and take amazing photos…..and the bike ride …… and whatever!!

    Glad you made it to Glenorchy – but even then you had to do a friggin’ walk!!!!! I sat on the old wharf!!!

    Have a great NY you two…….Im heading off to Lovemore this arvo….back on the hill about the 3rd ……or 4th!!!!! Had liquid lunch with Jean and Deb when they arrived from Gold Coast yesterday…..kinda wishing I hadn’t……lunch ended at bed time and dunno what time that was!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxloadsa love Dj

  • Donna

    Hey Abs,

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! what an adventure you are having my friend, looks absolutely fantastic! Can’t believe you find the time to blog it all – although glad you are!

    Loads of love and looking forward to the labrish (all the bits you can’t publish..) when you get back.