Tararewa Falls 3

A reasonably long drive to Whakatane from Waihi Beach where the wind and rain had set in big time  so I didn’t manage to get in a walk except to the fush n chups shop. We set off early via a brekky stop in Mount Manganui then it was forward, onward to get some info from the very helpful folk at the Whakatane i site.

Equipped with directions we made our way to the very beautiful DOC (Dept. of Conservation) campsite at Lake Tararewa.


A brief stop to make a sarnie, then I set out to find the track to the falls. The walk is a stunning, approx 3 hr round trip that mostly follows the Tararewa River. The river is very tranquil in places…

Tararewa River

… and raging in others

Tararewa River

All along the track, amazing ferns…

Fern tree

Eventually got close enough to hear the thundering falls though by this time, ever so slightly concerned I might have to make my way back through the forest in the dark…

Tararewa Falls

…Spent a bit of time communing with the water then headed back while it was still light and in time to see a gorgeous sunset over the lake.

After a restful night at the campsite it was time to head back to Whakatane through the pine forest…

Pine Forest

…to refuel, stock up on supplies in preparation for our trip round the East Cape. Speaking of which must dash. Promised I’d be back at the van to meet DJ by 1:45 and I’m already 5 minutes late…

Catch up again in  a few days no more internet access (or probably phone signal either) once we leave town.

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