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Mahia, Lake Waikaremoana, A Morning of Waterfalls, and Napier… 1

Ok finally made it to Napier, a little later than planned but we’re here now, there’s proper internet, so time to catch up on the last few days. So where were we… Ah yes, on Sunday we said goodbye to the gang and headed down to Mahia Peninsula.  Spent the night at Mahia Beach campsite which was really cool. Nice – right next to the lovely long beach. Both campsite […]

Mahia Peninsula and Lake Waikaremoana

Have had a  wonderful couple  of  days with neither internet or phone signal. First at Mahia and surrounds. Then across to the big lake. Now just outside Napier where we are camped up for the night with a windy sea view and dodgy wireless access so this will have to be short n sweet. Fuller update tomorrow when there will hopefully be a better version of the magic interweb and I can upload some pics. In the meantime it’s goodnight from her,  and goodnight from ‘er

Bye bye gang :-( 3

Farewell barbie last night was a feast indeed. Good tucker!! Another morning visit to the beach to kick off the day. Surf was up so a few were braving the waves – have to say I wasn’t one of them. Then everyone piled into the car and van and we all headed up to Rere Falls and Rere rock slide for the afternoon. More braveness or madness (depending on your […]

Earthquake… 2

Slept well after last night’s delish Thai curry courtesy of our fantastic hostess, Shan. Another lovely start to the day. The earth shook for us all this morning in a 5.8 Richter Scale quake (and only one of 26 to strike NZ today) – albeit for a very short while… Very weird feeling the house wobble. Anyway, everyone safe and well, no damage – some minor excitement and certain folk (who shall not be named) thinking […]

Okitu 3

Loving our little stay here in Okitu with the family. Mum and dad make some very cool art out of driftwood. Ended yesterday with a very delish bbq and lots of catching up on each other’s news. Unfortunately a tornado in Auckland meant friend’s flight was cancelled but all good for pick up and reunion this morning. Yay! After brekky it was down to the (and I think you can […]

Around the East Cape 1

The last few days driving round the East Cape have been truly wonderful. A slow cruise taking in stunning scenery. First brief stop en route to camping for the night at Te Araroa, a repeat visit to the old church at Raukokore – actually went inside this time and very glad we did, it’s a beautiful little place. Apparently there is a family of penguins nesting under the baptismal font… […]

Tararewa Falls 3

A reasonably long drive to Whakatane from Waihi Beach where the wind and rain had set in big time  so I didn’t manage to get in a walk except to the fush n chups shop. We set off early via a brekky stop in Mount Manganui then it was forward, onward to get some info from the very helpful folk at the Whakatane i site. Equipped with directions we made […]

We’re on the road 3

Had a lovely Friday night in Auckland eating a meal and catching up with an old friend. Next morning, picked up the van and we were on our way. First stop Coramandel. Caught up with another friend Robyn who owns/runs the beautiful Jacaranda Lodge a fabulous b n b where I stayed the last time I was round these parts. After a cuppa and a long chat we headed up […]