Okitu 3

Loving our little stay here in Okitu with the family. Mum and dad make some very cool art out of driftwood.

Catch My Drift

Ended yesterday with a very delish bbq and lots of catching up on each other’s news. Unfortunately a tornado in Auckland meant friend’s flight was cancelled but all good for pick up and reunion this morning. Yay!

After brekky it was down to the (and I think you can guess what’s coming here) the lovely local beach just 5 mins walk away. Beautiful day, if a little windy…

Okitu Beach

… and plenty of interesting stuff…

Sea shell and seaweed

(or should I say, stuff that I find interesting) for me to photograph in the sand…


On for another barbie tonight with the full complement of folk from the neighbourhood and around the world, but lots of lying around doing not very much between now and then.

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3 thoughts on “Okitu

  • Acyee

    Good morning all from over here..
    It looks like it is all going excellent with lots of rest, relaxation, landscape and
    scenery, good food and good company.
    Liked the third picture best.
    Not long to go now before it is my turn to join the travels . Yea ah.:-)