Magical Moeraki

So woke in Moeraki to another marvellous view. Nice to have a bit of a lie in this morning. Only a short drive to Otago today. But first… breakfast at the fabulous Fleurs Place.


Breakfast at Fleur’s Place

Every bit as good as I remembered it. Fleur was in and since my last visit almost 5 years ago to the day had written a couple of books – a memoir and a recipe book. Promptly bought and got both signed and looking forward to reading them.

Afterwards it was time to walk off the gut busting breakfast. A drive up the Lighthouse Road to Katiki Point Historic Reserve was in order.

Katiki Point

And little did we know what a treat we were in for….

…First stroke of luck a couple of guys just returning from diving for Paua (abalone), and willing to model their catch for me. Thanks guys! (Below photos of guys and their catch, Paua in its shell, and Paua separated from its shell.

. Paua Catch

Whole Paua


Next stroke of luck, just after me saying to Ace “we’ll probably see loads of seals but I doubt if we’ll see any penguins…” she only goes and spots a yellow eyed penguin in the bushes. Got close enough to fire off a few shots and then…

… a little later, third stroke of luck, spotted another. Got down on me belly and inched towards it. Very obliging it was too. In the end I was just about 5 feet away firing off shot after shot as it twisted and turned to show of its best side for me. Absolutely magical.



Managed to tear myself away after about 20 mins, then Ace spotted a family of three coming up from the beach and hanging out on a rock. Beaut. Too far away to get a decent shot but very, cool to see.

Also tons of seals on the rocks on the beach below.

Kudos to the previous lighthouse occupants for bringing the yellow eyed penguin back from the brink of extinction, and to all the folk who keep the reserve going.

As well as all the animal life there’s another cute lighthouse surrounded by beautiful grasses and stunning views of the kelp strewn shoreline and sea beyond.



Could have stayed there all day but Otago Peninsula, our stop for a few days over Christmas beckoned. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience in Moeraki though – definitely made up for yesterday’s pissing rain…

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