Bye bye gang :-( 3

Farewell barbie last night was a feast indeed. Good tucker!!


Another morning visit to the beach to kick off the day. Surf was up so a few were braving the waves – have to say I wasn’t one of them.

Then everyone piled into the car and van and we all headed up to Rere Falls and Rere rock slide for the afternoon.

Rere Falls

More braveness or madness (depending on your point of view) ensued as  some of our party got on their boogie boards and headed down into the pool at the bottom of the natural rock slide.

Rere Rockslide

Rere Rockslide

Rere Rockslide

Rere Rockslide

Then sadly it was time to say goodbye to the gang as Roz and I headed off to Mahia.

Beautiful drive down there. Campsite cool, and quiet and proprietor very chatty.

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3 thoughts on “Bye bye gang :-(

  • Acyee

    Good job, I had had my dinner before viewing that tucker. It does look good.
    Did you have a go on the slide. You all looked liked you were having fun.
    Those are some waterfalls.
    Very pleasant intermission before I settle down for the evening.
    Not as cold today, but that is apparently the calm before the storm. More cold on the way.
    Know you all don’t wish you were here.
    Bye Debs, hope you have enjoyed the trip.

  • Deb

    Hiya – Yup! ! Me and new black shirt home in one piece. Had a look at how shirt will look alongside Ms. Dom – loved it! Was tucking into the duty free so didn’t try and hang it!!! Sam very pleased to see me. Simon couldn’t give a dam so long as he gets his Whiskers.
    Wonder where you are now??? xxxxDj

  • aba

    @ace no not brave enuf to do slide but roz and the boys were. all unscathed as far as i can tell.
    @ Deb, glad you and the shirt home safe. have had a wicked couple of days