A Rollocking Good Railway Ride 2

Early night last night as we had an early start this morning. Did manage to make time for a “bar snack” in the pub before getting some shut eye for the night though. Ordered what we thought was a bowl of soup – what arrived was more akin to a large bucket of beautifully presented pumpkin and ginger soup.

Bucket of Soup

A tad on the sweet side but hit the spot and was very filling. The side order of potato wedges with sour cream and chilli sauce was a snack too far and though we did make a valliant effort, hardly a dent was made… Ah well, fush n chups will have to wait til tomorrow (chippy was closed).

I digress… up with the larks and into Dunedin for a day trip to Middlemarch on the Taieri Gorge Railway to let the train take the strain for a change. The railway station at Dunedin is a beautiful Edwardian built structure. The outside is strikingly lovely and the inside’s pretty good too.

Dunedin Railway Station

Ok no more hanging about, time to board the train.

On the TGR

Our journey was to pass through the outer suburbs of Dunedin, up through pine forests, native bush, farmland, and the spectacular gorge itself via Carisbrook, Abbotsford, Wingatui, Salisbury, Wingatui Viaduct, Parera, Mount Allan, Little Mount Allan, the aptly named (for at least two reasons) Christmas Creek (so called because first gold was found here on Christmas Day – nice Crimbo present for someone back in the day). Then on through Hindon, Deep Stream, Flat Stream, The Reefs, Pukerangi, Sutton (where the nudists of Sutton Sun Club waved cheerily at the train), and finally Middlemarch (population 250 not including tourists).

Taieri Gorge Railway route

Somewhere around Hindon, had a minor panic! Oh S#@* – in the rush to get ticket and get on train, had forgotten to pay and display in the car park. Fortunately it was Sunday, free parking, phew… really didn’t fancy having to shell out for a fine or tow away after the expensive roof vent incident.


A cycle and walking track kinda follows the train route and you can cycle out and get a ride back on the train apparently. Fancy that one day… oh well I’ll just have to come back – probably not on this trip so will just have to start planning for another.

Our fellow passengers on the train included a bunch of Australians off a cruise ship from Sydney. Our nearest neighbours were a lively friendly lot, good for a bit of a larf. Anyway, enough waffle, more pics…

Taieri Gorge Railway

and one last one for the train spotters…

Taieri Gorge Railway, trackside

…the ride was pretty awesome…

Ended the day with an unsuccessful attempt to walk up to Signal Hill for the view over Dunedin, got as far as a Cemetery (started walk in the wrong place) and gave up – had to rush to get the Crimbo supermarket shop done, get back to Portobello in time for fush n chup dinner (pretty tasty) and settle into our appartment for the next couple of days.

Merry Christmas!

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2 thoughts on “A Rollocking Good Railway Ride

  • Deb

    I remember Dunedin station – pretty fab eh! You gonna look up Danavan(or however you say his name – its NOT Donovan). Sure he’d still have his cinema. Give my love if you do see him!!

    You seem to be eating your way round NZ – you photo and talk every meal – prob is, it usually makes me hungry – so I have to have a protein powder!!!!!

    Don’t want to mention the friggin walking your doing – does my head in……………………………………………………..

    Don’t forget that there is a chocolate factory in Dunedin – or there was!

    Off to Lismore for champagne – the girls are bringing out the rest!!! Happy crimbo girls – lots of love to both of ya’s. xxxxxxxxxxxxDj

  • Acyee and Aba

    Hey Deb you know how I feel about protein powder 🙂 no replacement for one of my lovely fruit and muesli followed by cholesterol laden brekkies! Yes Ihave seen cadbury world and giving it a wide berth. Enjoy the champers, love to the gals, Ace just making the sarnies before we set off on another walk :-).
    Melly Clistmas xx