A day of dams 2

Slept like logs after yesterday’s walk and woke just a tad stiff in the body and to seriously stiff winds.

After a day of waterfalls on North Island, you could say today was a day of dams. We set of early as we had a longish drive to Moeraki and we were doing a few stops along the way. The area around Lake Tekapo – I believe known as Mackenzie County has lakes coming out of its ears. And some impressive dams.

Our first stop just outside Twizel was Ohau C Dam. Parked up near the campsite and eventually found the walk we were meant to be doing, a short stroll along the River Twizel taking in a bit of Lake Benmore and the Ohau Power Station, and river / canal thingy.

Ohau C Dam

Ohau C Dam canal

River Twizel

Lots of folk fishing and a Salmon fishery in the area too. Sally Sat Nav got totally confused and took us round in circles a few times trying to get back to the main road, and the signage in the area was unusually poor…

By the time we’d wandered about the dam for an hour or so it was time to hit the road for our lunch stop at Lake Ohau. Beautiful place to sit and eat smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber sarnies and lots of crisps. Massive lake surround by massive mountains of the Ben Ohau Range.

Lake Ohau

After lunch, forward onward to State Highways #8 towards Omarama and #83 through Otematata passing the dam at Lake Aviemore and on through Duntroon where we got a lovely (and much needed) takeaway coffee at the quaint little Flying Pig Café.

Flying Pig

By this time there were rain clouds looming and by the time we swung off the road to take a look at Moeraki Boulders it was pissing down. Undeterred we headed down to the beach to check out the weird and wonderful almost completely spherical rocks.

Moeraki Boulders

Moeraki Boulders

Moeraki Boulders

Short distance down the road and we were at our camping spot for the night, the very lovely camping grounds in Moeraki Village where they don’t kick you out til 1 pm – Yay!!

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2 thoughts on “A day of dams

  • Deb

    Hiya Aceeeeeee. You look so cold in your hat coat and scarf…….mabey you’d just better come on up here…………pool 90 degrees and sunshine.

    Hey Ab…. Your tech skills have stretched to Sally Sat Nav…Im impressed BUT how come Im stuck with that friggin awful screen saver that I can’t get rid of??????????????? Have fun girls – loads of love to both of ya’s. xxxxxxxDj

  • Aba

    hey Deb, pretty hot here now. stopped raining in oz now then?. seems you are stuc with the screensaver til you suss out how to change it. sure Roz can help you :-). hope all good on the hill x