Sunrise and the wallaby

I like to get in at least one sunrise when in foreign climes. Still suffering slightly from jet lag meant I was up with the cicadas from about 4.30 am so thought I might as well get up and see what I could see. The view from here bathed in early morning sunlight is all the more stunning.

Mountains at sunrise

In the words of the Aussie icon Rolf Harris…

“Sun arise, she bring in the morning.
Sun arise, bring in the morning, fluttering her skirts all around.
Sun arise, she come with the dawning.
Sun arise, come with the dawning, spreading all the light all around…”

Sunrise at Stoney Chute

I was reliably informed by my hostess with the mostest that there was “a wally outside the bog window”. I crept over just in time to hear it bounding away into the distance. Oh well, missed that one… Time for a little wander. I stood watching the sun come up then spotted this one over the side. After flitting off initially s/he stopped and eyed me warily for long enough that I could capture a few shots. Aww sweet…

Wally the wal

Time for another cuppa…then down to the local gym to get some exercise after all this layin’ about (l’il bro take note!).

On the way back came upon this sign:

Pothole Tally

– typical of the local humour

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