Snake watch update 3

Ok I realise that I’m in danger of becoming slightly obsessed here but these serpents are starting to take over the world. The earlier snake seems to have phoned a friend…Perhaps it’s the music they like (now playing Back to Mine Krafty Kuts which is kinda funky and they did seem to be dancing with each other).

Snake dance

This is the third time I’ve stayed here in over 10 years – I’ve always wanted to see snakes, and this time, by far the richest pickings… I think I’ve gone off them now though. DJ now needs to get a bloody mongoose or something!

OK now unless Monty the Python makes an appearance there will be no more snake reports.This is your snake correspondent signing off. Ciao for now.

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3 thoughts on “Snake watch update

  • Acyee

    Ooer re snakes. Maybe they are all congregating to plan the revenge for the dispatch of their brother, sister aunt whatever. That entwining is really the snake version of a war dance. Be afraid, be very afraid( cue scary noises in the background).
    Really enjoyed this as my lunchtime read.
    Well at least all we have to cope with over here are squirrels, foxes, badgers and moles.
    Debs that was a truly frightening sight eek.
    The veg lady commented on Australia being a country that has numerous critters that can kill you. You take very good care out there Aba,:-).

  • aba

    @ Jill be brave! I am sure the snakes in Sri Lanka are much better behaved. Have a fab time when you get there!
    @ Ace I am being very careful 🙂 I think we counted 5 in the end but Deb may have been seein double 🙂 and yeah real scary face unfortunately only seemed to whip the serpents into a frenzy!