F**k me another serpentine visitor!

So we’re sitting around in the evening chillin’ and listening to Deidre Cartwright and co. Tune Up Turn On Stretch Out – Sarah P on vocals and all is fab with the world. There’s been just enough light drizzle in the afternoon to cool things down a bit (been a really hot day), and bring out the wonderful scent of Eucalyptus.  I glance up at the sky which is beautiful. The moon is looking lovely peeping out occasionally from behind the clouds.

Moonlight over Stoney Chute

I glance across at the pool and bugger me there’s another serpent out for an evening slippery slidey crawly stroll.


And no, unfortunately it’s not the one from the other night which was safely – ahem – “relocated” (in such a way that it wasn’t going anywhere ever again). Perhaps a friend or relative come to pay its respects, I don’t know…

Tonight my snake wrangling hostess is too far under the influence to do any snake wrangling despite a session down at the gym earlier in the day.

Too trashed for snake wrangling

So we just watch, and wait, and hope it  crawls away right back to where it came from (which hopefully wasn’t anywhere around these parts).

Ah well, two more sleeps and we’ll be in the relative safety of the Land of the Long White cloud where there’s not much that will harm you…

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