Down on the mango farm 2

Another very relaxing morning up on the hill. A lovely splash around in the pool then out for a constitutional down on the mango farm.

Down on the mango farm

Unfortunately by the time I got this together it was a case of mad dogs (the mad dog being Sam the ginormous but very friendly Lab/Great Dane cross) and Englishmen out in the noonday sun… pretty damn hot. Didn’t mind so much though, given the weather I’d only very recently escaped.

From the mango farm, lots of erm… mango trees (shame it’s out of season and the mangoes are only tiny and unripe), but also some lovely Eucalyptus trees, a different view of the house, mountains and surrounding countryside. All good…

Still down on the mango farm

Bit more chillin out then it’s off down to Lismore via Kyogle apparently and a hook up with some locals over a steak and chips…

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