Back on the road again… 5

Great to back on the road again! After arduous journey of 22 hours flying, followed by a 3 hour drive, it all seems worth it now to get to this wonderful location.

View of rain forest covered mountains from house at Stoney Chute nr Nimbin, NSW, Australia

Having a brief stop in Oz for a few days with me good ole mate dj before heading off camervanning in New Zealand again.

Beaut sunny morning and the sound of the wildlife (pleasantly) deafening – rich coming from a city girl I know- can’t say I’m sad to have left the cacophony of sirens, shouting, and other noises of the city behind at least for a little while.

Already spotted a little family of wallabies in the paddock below the house. No alarm clock needed as the morning call of the kookabarra was more than enough to rouse me. Spot of morning yoga and meditation to an amazing backdrop of the Border Ranges in Northern New South Wales -  definitely feeds the soul. Refreshing morning dip in the pool… followed by a walk up the track to the nearest neighbour 10 mins away. All before noon too! (anyone that knows me well will realise this is something of a minor miracle). Anyway all a bit too much so off for a snooze in the hammock now… Aaah this is the life…

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5 thoughts on “Back on the road again…

  • Sue

    Great to hear you got there ok.
    Morning yoga hmm. Jet lag must be on your side as you are not known for your early mornings.
    I expect after a few days there you will be seeing wallabies doing yoga if I remember how things go there ;-).
    Keep posting Abs and look after yourself x

  • Aba

    😉 first to comment, you get a prize. What you doin up so late anyway…
    Much the same as when you were here, but much different too. Venturing into town tomorrow… x

  • Aba

    Sun has just gone down, moon is up, and after the noise of cicadas all day it is the turn of the frogs. Unbelievable racket! Especially as they are so little.

  • Jill

    Great to be reading another super-Aba holiday blog. It will be my morning smile for the next couple of weeks.

    I remember that view… to Debs.

    Spoke to Carol G last night who said she’d met up with you somewhere recently. They are going to NZ in January and I suggested they look at your blog for some inspiration. Will send them your contact details.

    Wishing you a marvelous trip. xxxxxxx

  • Aba

    Hey Jill, greetings from Stoney Chute and ta for the good trip wishes. DJ says hi de hi and to tell you the view has changed a lot (didn’t like to point out to her that the border ranges and blue knob are still in the same place, however it is true that the property is looking a bit different in many respects – tastfully tarted up I’d say).