Another scorcher

Last full day here in OZ got off to a very sweaty start with another early morning sesh at the gym. Afraid I ratted on my erstwhile hostess for being a bad girl last night and suggested her trainer showed her no mercy. Stupid me forgot that would mean no mercy for me either. After such punishing treatment on such a beautiful hot day, what more could we do but spend most of it relaxing by the pool. DJ dive bombing in then floating serenely with me shouting “again, again” (apart from natural world watching there’s not much other daytime entertainment up here while waiting for things to cool down enough to take the dog for a walk…).

Whilst sorry to be leaving this wonderful place (snakes and all), also very excited to be leaving to start our road trip tomorrow. Might be a bit of radio silence for a few days depending on the connectivity situation so au revoir for now and hope to catch up again soon.

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