Daily archives: November 28, 2012

Snake watch update 3

Ok I realise that I’m in danger of becoming slightly obsessed here but these serpents are starting to take over the world. The earlier snake seems to have phoned a friend…Perhaps it’s the music they like (now playing Back to Mine Krafty Kuts which is kinda funky and they did seem to be dancing with each other). This is the third time I’ve stayed here in over 10 years – […]

F**k me another serpentine visitor!

So we’re sitting around in the evening chillin’ and listening to Deidre Cartwright and co. Tune Up Turn On Stretch Out – Sarah P on vocals and all is fab with the world. There’s been just enough light drizzle in the afternoon to cool things down a bit (been a really hot day), and bring out the wonderful scent of Eucalyptus.  I glance up at the sky which is beautiful. […]