Daily archives: November 27, 2012

Sunrise and the wallaby

I like to get in at least one sunrise when in foreign climes. Still suffering slightly from jet lag meant I was up with the cicadas from about 4.30 am so thought I might as well get up and see what I could see. The view from here bathed in early morning sunlight is all the more stunning. In the words of the Aussie icon Rolf Harris… “Sun arise, she […]

Down on the mango farm 2

Another very relaxing morning up on the hill. A lovely splash around in the pool then out for a constitutional down on the mango farm. Unfortunately by the time I got this together it was a case of mad dogs (the mad dog being Sam the ginormous but very friendly Lab/Great Dane cross) and Englishmen out in the noonday sun… pretty damn hot. Didn’t mind so much though, given the […]