Rain in the rainforest – a hike to Celery Bay

Good old Gervais had a real treat planned for us today. A trek through the rain forest to Celery Bay. All downhill too (ah, of course that meant all uphill on the way back…).

The hike was amazing and followed a trail c180-200 years old, used to bring fish up from the beach. Our hike took in almond trees, green parrots, the very noisy traditional bird of T and T, the Cocorico, and the very poisinous Manchinnele Tree – we gave it a wide berth!

Manchinelle Tree Fruit

Also one to watch out for is the Grugrubeauf tree, its trunk covered in vicious spiky thorns that will bring you a world of pain if you don’t watch your step.

Grugrubeauf Tree

It rained on and off which made the walking a bit tricky at times but, the reward was loads of rainbows, and it didn’t take too long to dry off.

Rainbows in the rainforest

The beauty was tinged with a little sadness at the site of illegal logging, and the shells of protected Hawksbill Turtles that had been slaughtered for their meat.

  1. Hawksbill Turtle shells

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