Dimanche Gras

After hanging about at Norma’s during the day, relaxing dip in the pool, in the evening we were off to sample our first taste of the spectacle that is Trinidad carnival. Taxi ride into the stadium at Queen’s Park Savannah, bag a good seat and settle down for an evening of Calypso, Pans, and a parade of amazing carnival costumes.

I was completely blown away. The amount of work and skill that goes into making them…

Carnival Queen, Trinidad carnival

There was a tense moment as one of the carnival kings took an unfortunate tumble. After a frantic 5 minutes trying to get him up the crowd was very relieved to see that he was ok, he was bravely back up and waving to the audience.

Carnival King, Trinidad Carnival

Some more great footage of the night courtesy of Paul Streetly wherever you may be!

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