Beach, beach, beach

Leisurely morning and then picked up by our  friendly and now familiar taxi man, Parish. This time we were off to Las Cuevas, the next beach along from Maracas Bay. As we headed out of town, evidence of the previous nights “Jouvert” celebrations was everywhere in the form of paint covered people and streets.

Jouvert victim

En route to Las Cuevas stopped off at Williams Bay and the nearby yacht club.

Yacht Club, Williams Bay, Trinidad

Lots of families out enjoying the water and cooling off on a hot, hot, day. We joined them for a quick paddle.

Then it was back in the car along the twisty turny roads towards and beyond Maracas Bay. Pretty heavy traffic but it was worth the wait to get to the quieter beach and get another fix of tasty bake and shark.

Las Cuevas Beach, Trinidad

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