Back to Tobago

A leisurely brekky and morning in the pool at Norma’s followed by lunch at the local food court before our final taxi ride with the trusty Parish to the port for our ferry crossing to Tobago.

Port of Spain, Trinidad

Bye bye Trini and thanks for a wonderful time, hope to return in the not-to-distant future.

The crossing was terrible! Rough, rough, rough. Now I’ve done a lot of boat trips but this was my first time of getting sea sick as an adult. And boy was I and at least half of the rest of the boat ill. I won’t go on… suffice it to say terra firma was a blissful feeling…

Calm before the storm, Port of Spain, Trinidad
The calm before the storm!

Back to recover at our fab appartment in Scarborough after being picked up by our fantastics hosts Thelma and Dougie.

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