Asa Wright

After all the partying it was time to get back to natcha. Off to Asa Wright National Park for a spot of birdwatching, rainforest hiking and general lovely natural wordliness. A smorgasbord of hummingbirds  other vibrant feathered and non feathered creatures including Agoutis (a bit like a large rat), MatMat (lizard), beautiful rainforest trees and plants. I was in heaven…

Birds, Asa Wright National Park, Trinidad

Lizard, Asa Wright National Park, Trinidad

On our mini hike through the park with the excellent and knowledgeble Caleb as our guide we passed the huge mound of a leaf cutting ant colony. Apparently the queen lives for up to 35 years! But when she snuffs it so does the rest of the colony.

Leaf Cutter Ant mound

Too soon the guided walk was over and we left the earthy smells of the rainforest, and the call of  the Bearded bellbird (the loudest of any bird in Trinidad) behind.

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