At last an Ibex!

Just back from another fab week walking in Spain. Staying at Casa Granadina in Huerta de Ranea. Great weather, great walking, great company and great home cooked food courtesy of Rosie – definitely the hostess with the mostest.

My favourite walk of the week had to be at El Torcal. Went there a few years back in the pouring rain and mis. This time though it was wall to wall sunshine and finally, after several visits to the general area, finally got to see Ibex (wild mountain goats). Lots of unidentified big birds too and absolutely fantastic views. It’s a pretty special place.


Apart from Ibex and big birds, it’s kind of par for the course that any walking in rural Spain will bring you into contact with barking big dogs and/or yappy little dogs. Both of which sound equally fierce. Generally though (well the ones that aren’t chained up anyway) seem to back off if you stand your ground. This pretty but grisly dalmation being but one example…


Also on this trip revisted Comares, looking lovely as ever perched all precarious-looking on a big rock. Also reacquainted myself with Los Solano – this time deliberately rather than wandering about completely lost trying to find Mazmullar…

More pics in the gallery.

Back to reality now and plotting where the next trip is going to be…

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