The day the city stood still… again… 2

We don’t seem to cope very well with the snow here in the big smoke. No buses, trains mostly buggered and as for the tube, well…

But the snow was quite purtee. Well done to the brave (or should that be bonkers) ones that cycled – I was not one of them.

Snow folk

Snow covered tree

Lunch break in the park was an idea that lots of others seems to have too and it was nice to see all the snow people about and folk having fun. Bad luck if you threw a sicky and you were caught on camera and your boss sees ya!

Snow person Ooh I do believe this is our head of marketing skiving off!

And what have we here… The local yout dem bunking off skool and hanging out round their favourite tree?

Snow folk on log

And perhaps this is some of their teachers setting a good example…

Miniature snow folk

And if this is you, I won’t tell if you don’t

Playing in the snow

Tomorrow is another day. More snow allegedly on the way.

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