Round the world in 18 days

Shortly after Jersey another work trip took me to Brisbane and Sydney Australia followed by San Francisco, with a stopover in Bangkok en route staying at the Luxx hotel Silom. Gruelling trip and I came down with some ‘orrible lurgy so wasn’t able to make the most of it. Also disappointing not to be able to catch up with my mate who lives in Oz as she was still in Jersey.

Managed to get a quick trip over to Manly, via a tranquil walk through the botanical gardens, and a good look around the stunning Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.


And to mooch around the streets for a couple of hours. Came across some lovely colourful murals down a side street en route back to Kings Cross area near where we were staying.


After a couple of days in Sydney we were on the move again to San Francisco / San José. Caught up with some friends including one I made whilst in New Orleans and had a great time.

By the time we headed back home I had no idea what the time was, where I was, who I was or anything and was ready to sleep for a week.

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