Here comes the summer…

You can tell it’s summer in London – festival season and lots of good stuff happening on the South Bank along the river. It’s just been Refugee Week and another great festival, “Celebrating Sanctuary” laid on courtesy of Coin Street Community Builders.

A fantastic day of great music, poetry, dance, yummy food celebrated in the great company of London’s wonderfully diverse community.

There was loads of great stuff but my favourites had to be Congolese band Kasai Masai who got everyone up and dancing to their lively pounding Soukous.

Kasai Masai


Shortly followed by Mukka with their foot stomping Romanian rythmns.


Including some awesome accordion playing by this guy:


The noisy Noisettes rocked the South Bank with some ear splitting sounds. As an ex (and not particularly accomplished) bass player myself, I have untold admiration for anyone who can sing and play the bass at the same time… If you can do it whilst looking as utterly fabulous as Shingai Shoniwa all the better!

The Noisettes

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