New Orleans

Off again across the pond to New Orleans on another shortish work trip. Fortunately it wasn’t all work and no play and there was a chance to see a bit of the city.

Fabulous place though parts of the city still devastated from the effects of Hurricane Katrina. Bourbon Street though noisy tacky and vibrant I still found myself gravitating towards in the evenings and had some good nights out.

True highlights of the trip were seeing the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and another great band (name escapes me but they were awesome!).

Also loads of musical talent just there for the listening out on the streets. These guys were great and attracted a big crowd.

Street musicians New Orleans

Other highlights included, great food at a local family run Cuban place on Canal / Chartres Street (I think) on the edge of the French Quarter. Only a small place, the waitress was helpful and friendly, the food was great and very reasonable so I ended up returning several times! And strolls along the big ole Mississippi River.

Mississippi River walk New Orleans

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