The Goddess she’s left me… 12

Well today is a very sad day for me, (but not the saddest… that comes in a couple of days time). Just returned the Goddess of Love, my home for the best part of the last couple of months. Boo hoo 🙁

The Goddess Of Love

However much has happened since last post, and much could still happen. 4 days at least til I start the final leg of my journey home. Here I am in Christchurch and fortuitously, there is an international busking festival happening in town, so chances are I should be able to find stuff to keep me out of trouble.

Since last post I spent an afternoon and a night at the beautiful Totaranui. A bit of a mission to get there, 10Km + down a twisty turny, narrow and in places quite high gravel road. Weather was scorching. Spent first night of camping with few facilities but it was cool slumming it for a change.

Totaraunui Beach, New Zealand

Totaraunui Beach, New Zealand

Ended up returning to Collingwood next day as everything round Takaka was full. En route stopped off at each of the plentiful beaches between Totaranui and Takaka. Think the one below might be Tata Beach:

Tata Beach, New Zealand

Collingwood was no hardship as I got to see another sunset with the Oyster Catchers, appreciate my tan, and spend the next morning on the beach again chillin’ and reading on another scorching hot day.

Oyster Catchers, Collingwood, New Zealand

My Tan

Then it was off to Visionz festival in Cobb Valley near Takaka. Had a fine time drinking and dancing the night away under the moon and the stars, in an amazingly beautiful setting, with great music, and good people having fun.

Drummers, Visionz festival

The coffee bus

Was pretty trashed the next day (thank Goddess for the coffee bus) but managed to eventually get myself to Hanmer Springs for the night, and spent the next day checking it out. Whereupon I ran into a friend of a friend.

Hanmer Springs, New Zealand

Met up with him later on in Christchurch after I’d had a bit of a look around, parked up on his driveway for my last night in the van, and had a laughter filled evening.

Street Chess

So it’s nearly all over but… not quite… Still got two more whole days in Christchurch then a couple of nights in Hong Kong getting used to being in a big city again before I finally touch down in the big smoke.

It’s been a great trip. Final distance tally 13,847Km / 8,604 Miles (- apparently that’s something of a record for the rental company) – and that’s just in the van! I’ve loved pretty much every Km of it and can’t wait to get back and have another adventure.

Thanks to all who’ve been along for the journey, and all me new and old Kiwi mates who’ve helped make everything run oh so smoothly.

Next post will probably be from home though I may be able to fit in the odd one from Hong Kong too.

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12 thoughts on “The Goddess she’s left me…

  • jill

    Been great to follow your fantastic journey. Thanks for sharing it. Enjoy Hong Kong and doubtless some good eating and shopping. Safe home Abs, and lets fix a meet so you can tell me more in person. Jillx

  • Roz

    Well i reckon that’s all just tired me out! Had a great experience traveling around with you, maybe next time it will be for real, n you’ll invite me to join you on these wonderful joureneys.

    Looking forward to seeing that tan!.

    Roz XXX

  • Gill

    How am i going to cope without your lovely photos’s and holiday blog.

    I come into work after the journey on the silverlink switch on the computer and i am transported to NZ.

    I don’t always reply to you (always going to do it later in the day and don’t get around to it ) But i always sit here thinking i wish it was me and for a brief moment i am sitting on the beach or looking at the water fall.

    Thank you for sharing your trip . I am meeting the girls on Friday but as soon as you get back we must all meet up again

    Love Gill X

  • Donna

    Soooo Abs, its the end of ‘Aba Does NZ’ so how comes its me that feels depressed???!! Time has flown by and must have doubly for you! It seems like only yesterday that I was waking up at 3am on a cold and dark November morning thinking ‘ Aba’ll be on her way to the airport now…!’ and wishing you a safe flight!

    Being totally selfish, I’m wondering what I’ll do at work now during a quiet moment, if not log on to your trip..? I’m telling you, next time I’m coming with you!

    Oh, and did you ever learn to read that compass?

    Lots of Love and see you soon.


  • Aba

    Well it’s been great having you all along for the journey and yes next time I shall rent a bus (like the coffee bus) so you can all come along. In the mean time, it’s back to occasional blogging about my not-so-glamorous-life-back-home. Eventually I will also upload loads more photos of trip so we can all re-live it.
    Look forward to catching up with you all soon 🙂

  • Hazel

    Soooo Aba you will now be back in Blighty! Trust the Hong Kong stop-over added more blog to the trip! As I mentioned on the phone we all thoroughly enjoyed sharing your journey with us around Kiwiland – what are we going to do now – when I wanted to escape I loved pretending I was travelling with you!!??? Even we were impressed with some of the sights……….& we live here!!
    Everyone sends their aroha & loved having you around – even though it was pretty short and sweet!
    Hazel & Whanau xxxx

  • aba

    Cheers Hazel, it was really good catching up with you and the family and you’re all a fantastic example of that famed Kiwi hospitality. Loved having you along for the ride. Love to all of you and hope to catch up with you again in the not too distant future. Aba xxx

  • Deb

    Kiora Ab. Just think, in a couple of months, the Kiwi’s will be freezing their asses off in the snow and pissing rain. Will that make you feel better??

    No? I didn’t think so – you pack in a good holiday grrlfriend – I loved being away wid ya!

    Where we all going next???????????????? XXD