Golden Bay 3

Well I’ve been having a chilled and very lovely last few days. Whilst in Motueka went to Marahau at the start of the Abel Tasman Track a couple of times for lazy afternoons on the beach. It’s been really hot here what’s a girl to do…

Marahau…a busy NZ beach!

Marahau beach

On my second visit to it was still really hot, so big walk out of the question (well that’s my excuse…). Instead a shortish walk to the beautiful Coquille Bay about 40 mins along the Abel Tasman Track:

Coquille Bay

Then it was time to temporarily move on from Takaka as I headed out over Takaka Hill, a long, winding road with amazing views presented itself – just like that:

Takaka Hill Views

Stopped off at Ngarua Caves at the top of the hill for a coffee and a most excellent and fascinating tour of the caves which were awesome and contained some remains of the now extinct Giant Moa (a flightless bird).

Forward onward then to Farewell Spit via a stop in Takaka for a smoothie in the Dangerous Cafe, lunch and a look around.

Dangerous Cafe


And then Pupu Springs with water so clear it has to be seen to be believed.

Pupu Springs

Eventually arrived at Farewell Spit and the Farewell Gardens camping ground where I was in time to do a walk out to the spit at sunset. Loads of birds including oyster catchers, herons, black swans and many others I couldn’t name.

Next morning went to Wharariki Beach with it’s huge sand dunes, baking hot sand, enormous rocks and crashing waves. Found a seal resting up in a cave and spent a wee while communing with it which was rather nice. It just lay there like a huge fat slug paying very little attention to me.

Wharariki Beach

On to Cape Farewell for picnic lunch and a watch of yet another seal colony. Slowly made my way to Collingwood a mere 25k away. Camping ground there was great.  About 10 steps from a gorgeous long beach with loads more birds and another amazing sunset.


Got chatting to Merryl who moved to NZ from Sarf London about 30 years ago and was out looking for sand crabs. Lucky bugger has a house overlooking the beach. Anyway she imparted some local knowledge which will inform my itinery for the day.

After the beach went to catch an act at the Mussel Inn. A great place that several people recommended going to. Anyway hadn’t heard of Kieran Halpin before, but he’s a pretty damn good singer/songwriter/guitarist and all round general entertainer with the good old Irish gift of the gab.

Kieran Halpin

Well, another roasting hot day today so it looks like I’m just going to have to head off and find another beach, and a place to park my head for the next couple of nights.

After that will need to start to re-acclimatise to being back in the big smoke and what better way to do that than attend the Visionz music festival at the weekend. Even better that I think I may have bagged meself a freebie.

Next post may well be from Christchurch, with me no doubt feeling worse for wear…

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3 thoughts on “Golden Bay

  • Hazel

    All I can say is “You Bloody Tart!!”. Wow, just loved following you around the different spots and for once I can say we have visited some of them & could wholeheartedly understand where you were coming from – especially round Golden Bay, Takaka, Farewell Spit, Abel Tas, etc. Mussel Inn, etc. Spent a few hols down there with John & Helen – Erin’s folk which were very memorable.
    We are all going to miss your very interesting dialogue & amazing piccies. We send all our aroha (love) and tidings for a very safe return. Hopefully we will meet again either on this side or your side of the universe! Tui has just left a message to say she is back in NZ (Auckland) & will probably make it back home on Sunday. Having been away since June she will no doubt have the ‘blues’ as the reality of Uni & work, etc sets in!!
    Take care.
    Hazel & Whanau

  • Aba

    Well thanks Hazel. It is great down here. Left and returned to Collingwood as loved the beach here so much. Delaying going to fest as long as poss as finding it very hard to leave…
    Glad to hear Tui safely on NZ soil and hope it’s not too much of a shock being back. Enjoy the homecoming! Love to all.