Grey day at the glacier 1

Pissing down with rain here at Fox Glacier today but the plan is, if I stay in this cybercafé long enough the weather will clear enough for the roads to the glacier to reopen. Damp weather has in no way dampened my spirits though. It’s still warm and the view is still there (well the bit that’s not under cloud anyway).

Had a really nice meal last night in Café Nevé (Blue nose cod, gourmet potatoes on a bed of veg). Spent the rest of the evening having a wicked time with Hippy and Chrissy having a few beers, that something extra, and lots of real belly laughs. We seemed to have a similar sense of humour, so chatted shit long into the wee small hours. Chrissy took the mick out of Hippy quite a lot as he struggled to string sentences together or make any sense at all at times. Very funny guy. They are both lovely.

I went to bed with a nicely sore tummy from all the laughing. We’re headed in the same direction so I may well run into them again. With that legendary Kiwi hospitality I now have yet another offer of a place to stay when I’m next on north island’s east coast (just a couple of days ago got chatting to family from Christchurch and have offer of a stay there too).

OK, off to see what the weather’s doing and with any luck next post will include some pics of the glaciers.

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One thought on “Grey day at the glacier

  • Hazel

    Hi – the Kai (food) sounded ka pai (great)! Your evening sounded like ours on New Year Eve’s – heaps of laughs! Trust the weather clears for you – was pretty bad all round the country. We had a hot curry last night – supplied by one of our customers – was really delish & always enjoyable when you don’t have to cook! Continue enjoying!