Gouging out a gorge of my own at Hokitika 2

Cruisy day yesterday. Late start then eventually I got myself down to Hokitika Gorge. Before I even got a chance to see it though, I’d backed myself into a small and very innocuous looking puddle. 10 mins of wheel spinning and burning rubber later and I was getting nowhere. Luckily there were a couple of people about. Firstly nice French woman tried to help and we jointly got nowhere. Then an Aussie couple turned up a few minutes later, and after much mud splattering, van rocking, and gentle easing, the Goddess of Love was free. Phew!!

The offending puddle:


After crossing, the swing bridge over the Hokitika river’s amazingly turquoise milky waters I stood taking photos and providing more fodder for the sandflies, reflecting on my good fortune… then high tailed it out of there while I still had some blood left.

Hokitika Gorge and swing bridge:

Hokitika Gorge and swing bridge

Today it was my turn to be the good samaritan. Just out of Greymouth I ran into Omel and his mates, stranded by the side of the road, out of petrol. So gave Omel a lift to a petrol station and returned him to his vehicle. He told me of his work driving an animal rescue ambulance in Israel and the fabulous sounding New Year’s festival I’d missed in Takaka (where I’m slowly heading towards). Hippies and good music, would’ve been right up my street…

After rescuing Omel and co. I was off to Punakaiki (Pancake Rocks) and they were indeed awesome (least awesome pics below will upload more when home).

Pancake Rocks:

Punakaiki (Pancake Rocks), New Zealand

Punakaiki (Pancake Rocks), New Zealand

I now find myself in Karamea where I shall be spending at least one night. Did a lovely bush walk to a big Rimu (Red Pine tree) already and hope to do a couple more walks tomorrow. Then, depending what time it is by then, will either make my way to Motueka or have another night in beautiful Karamea.

Big Rimu Tree, Karamea:

Big Rimu Tree, Karamea

Camping ground here is right by a gorgeous estuary where I’ve been watching the birds and they’ve done a good job of buggering off every time I’ve lined up a photo. C’est la vie…

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2 thoughts on “Gouging out a gorge of my own at Hokitika

  • Debi

    Your photos are stunning. Well, apart from that one of the puddle maybe …

    I knew NZ was beautiful but had no idea of the sheer and staggering diversity of landscapes. Thanks for sharing!

    Hope 2008 carries on giving you nourishment and upliftment throughout the year. D xxx