Beautiful day for a bike ride…

Today, I went for a beautiful bike ride from Wanaka to Albert town around Lake Wanaka. Compared to the saddle on the bike I had for my ride on Otago Peninsular, this saddle was fit for the princess and the pea. The guys at Thunderbikes on Helwick St. were great, helpful, good directions (not that it was at all difficult but very patient) and nice bikes.

The ride itself was perfect. Not too hot, fantastic mountain, lake and river views and plenty of good places to stop and just admire it all.

Mountain views

Mountain view

Mountain Views

Lake Wanaka pours into the River Clutha (or perhaps it’s the other way round) which was a good place for my lunch stop on my return leg from Albert town.

River Clutha

As well as the big views, there were of course the little views such as these flowers, nr Albert town – perhaps the more botanically minded amongst you would care to identify? (I think they might be some kind of buttercup but what do I know…)


So that’s the active part of my day sorted off to laze about round town, then walk back to campsite to wash off all the dust I’m covered in and get in an early night as I hope to get up to Mount Cook for the day tomorrow.

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