Turquoise Lake

Bad hair day at Aoraki / Mt Cook 3

Have been having an amazing couple of days. Left Wanaka yesterday for a trip to Aoraki (which is the Maori name for Mount Cook and means cloud piercer) and an overnight stay.

A stunning drive pretty much all the way, and on entering Aoraki National Park the views were just breathtaking. Blue-glacier covered mountains, milky turquoise lakes…


Aoraki / Mt Cook National Park

Aoraki / Mt Cook National Park

Lake Pukaki:

Turquoise lake













Turquoise Lake













Stopped off at Glentanner about 25Km from Mt Cook Village to book my campervan site for the night. There were some seriously beefy winds on the stretch between Glentanner and Mt Cook which made for a very bad hair day as well as making the driving, walking, standing and photography (not all at the same time I hasten to add) something of a challenge.

A quick stop at the visitor centre and I was all set for a wicked walk along the Hooker Valley Track to the glacial Hooker Lake.

Hooker Valley Track:

Hooker Valley Track

Mountain Daisies

Lake Hooker:

Lake Hooker

The walk went over a couple of swing bridges which were shall we say “interesting” to cross in the high (but relatively warm) winds. 3 hours and dozens of photos later I was back in the car park and glad for the shelter of the van to finish off me “lunch” (by this time it’s 6pm).

Woke up to a gorgeous day. Beautiful, sunny, hot and clear.

Drive back from Aoraki to Wanaka where I’ll be chillin’ for another couple of nights was great. Made a 50Km round trip detour to Lake Ohau and whiled away a bit of time just chillin on its gorgeous, deserted shores wishing I had more time so I could spend a few nights camping there.

Around Lake Ohau:

Plants, Lake Ohau

Mountain, Lake Ohau

However, all good things must come to an end and here there is always another good thing just around the corner. The drive through the Linden Pass is mega stunning (the pic doesn’t really do it enough justice):

Linden Pass

So it’s all still very, very good. I can’t believe quite how lucky I’ve been…

For all those of you who’ve emailed about the freezing weather and grey skies back in Old Blighty hope these images bring you little packages of sunshine from me and NZ.

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3 thoughts on “Bad hair day at Aoraki / Mt Cook

  • Kojo

    Hi Sis,

    Happy New Year to you.

    Great pics, your becomming quite a photoghapher. Breathtaking views.

    Look forward to seeing the rest of the holiday photo’s when you return.

    Enjoy the rest of your stay. I know its comming to an end now, and you will probably take a while to adjust when you come back but you will have lots of fantastic memories of a great adventure and a bruised arse from all that bike riding

    Look forward to hearing about them

    talk soon


  • Aba

    Yo bro! glad you like the photos, certainly been great fun being here to take them. And oi whaddaya mean hols coming to an end – still got another 3 weeks nearly :). Look forward to catching up with you too when I get back but… hoping this next few weeks goes really slowly as you can imagine.

    Hi Mich sounds like you might have had a busy time over the festive season. Sure it was all good though and hope you’re enjoying having a bit of a breather now…