Back in me own bed 2

Well now safely back home. Hong Kong was great but I didn’t get around as much as I’d have liked as I was a bit out of sorts. After valiant attempt to get out gadding on first day had to go back to bed and sleep off the impending lurgy and jet lag.

Next day was feeling a bit better so hopped on a ferry to one of the outlying Islands, Cheung Chau for the afternoon. Lovely bustling little place with several (tiny) beaches, food outlets (including would you believe a McDonalds!).

Cheung Chau



The rest of my time in HK was spent exploring the city during the day and after dark, including visiting Causeway Bay / Times Square, Kowloon Park, the botanical gardens,

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Times Square, Hong Kong

generally gazing up in awe at the towering buildings, and cruising down Kowloon’s main drag, Nathan Road, choc full of shopping opportunities and bright neon signs.

Sky Scrapers

Sky Scrapers

Nathan Road

Sundays in Hong Kong seem to be a day of public protest and I came across a couple (not completely sure what they were about but one seemed to be against low pay for Indonesian women workers, and the other about something sinister enough for the participants to choose to hide their faces):



Then, finally the trip was *really* over and it was time for the longish flight home.

Very lovely to be picked up at the airport by a friend and be deposited back home. Half the week has already gone and I’m not entirely sure where (though I believe I managed to lose a complete day to sleep!).

So, back in the cold and grey but at least there’s not too much of the winter left to endure and I don’t have to go back to work til after the weekend. Meanwhile, trying to ignore the noise of the road being dug up outside my door and missing NZ already…

Still, much as I loved my trip, it is nice to be back in me own bed and catch up with friends back home again.

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