Daily Archives: January 6, 2008

Grey day at the glacier 1

Pissing down with rain here at Fox Glacier today but the plan is, if I stay in this cybercafé long enough the weather will clear enough for the roads to the glacier to reopen. Damp weather has in no way dampened my spirits though. It’s still warm and the view is still there (well the bit that’s not under cloud anyway). Had a really nice meal last night in Café […]

West coast adventure begins… with a feast for the sandflies 3

I am fast running out of adjectives to describe the wonderfulness of my journey. Sadly said goodbye to Wanaka this morning. I thought Lake Wanaka was big but… Lake Hawea just outside is bloody ginormous. Must have driven for a good 40Km and was still driving down just one side of it. Stunning, stunning, drive up to Fox Glacier (haven’t visited yet as it took me all day to get […]