Yearly archives: 2008


Winter has well and truly arrived over the last few weeks. So into hibernation mode. Fortunately plenty to keep one entertained indoors so I’ve been getting into rewatching the wire – AKA the best cop series that’s EVER been on TV. Here’s a sampler from the first series in case you’ve not yet had the pleasure: Plenty more clips on YouTube. However, much as I love The Wire, I’d much […]

Walking in the Alpujarras

Went on another fabulous walking holiday in Spain, this time to the Alpujarras  mountain range just south of Granada. Capileira and the Mesa Hostal Poqueira was  our base for lots of great walks. Took things easy on day one with a short 6-7 Km circular walk to Cebadilla via Bubion. Next day saw a slightly longer but equally beautiful walk from Capeleira taking in some of the other whitewashed mountain […]

I’ve been missing the point of this blogging thing lately…

Well it’s been a mighty long time since I last blogged just seem to have got out of the habit. Or perhaps not much interesting enough has happened or… maybe I’ve been so busy getting out there having fun I just haven’t got round to it. Still now winter and the long dark nights have well and truly arrived, perhaps I will do better. I was starting to believe it […]

Home improvements anyone?

Been doing some long awaited home improvements over the last couple of weeks. Why does everything take 3 times as long as you think it’s going to? A word to the wise… expected the unexpected and be in for the long haul. Sure it will look lovely when it’s finished… In the mean time just about managing to resist the urge to pull out the remains of my rapidly thinning […]

Here comes the summer…

You can tell it’s summer in London – festival season and lots of good stuff happening on the South Bank along the river. It’s just been Refugee Week and another great festival, “Celebrating Sanctuary” laid on courtesy of Coin Street Community Builders. A fantastic day of great music, poetry, dance, yummy food celebrated in the great company of London’s wonderfully diverse community. There was loads of great stuff but my […]

Round the world in 18 days

Shortly after Jersey another work trip took me to Brisbane and Sydney Australia followed by San Francisco, with a stopover in Bangkok en route staying at the Luxx hotel Silom. Gruelling trip and I came down with some ‘orrible lurgy so wasn’t able to make the most of it. Also disappointing not to be able to catch up with my mate who lives in Oz as she was still in […]


When my mate who now lives Oz came over to visit family in Jersey I decided I’d have a long weekend over there too. In all the years I’ve known her, had never been so now was the time… Pretty place, lots of nice beaches and weather was mostly quite good too. I was completely knackered the whole time (apparently due to the sea air) but managed to see a […]

New Orleans

Off again across the pond to New Orleans on another shortish work trip. Fortunately it wasn’t all work and no play and there was a chance to see a bit of the city. Fabulous place though parts of the city still devastated from the effects of Hurricane Katrina. Bourbon Street though noisy tacky and vibrant I still found myself gravitating towards in the evenings and had some good nights out. […]

Time Flies

Can’t quite believe I’ve been back a month already. Really don’t know where the time has gone. Memory of trip thankfully has not yet faded. Largely down to repeatedly perusing photos while organising into print and virtual albums. On that note I’ve now got round to uploading photos from Tokyo (where I stopped over en route to New Zealand) and Hong Kong (where I stopped over en route home). Today […]

More photos 2

Thanks for all the virtual tea and sympathy you’ve sent to console me. I seem to have survived my first couple of weeks back including a week back at work relatively unscathed. Had a very nice welcome from my work colleagues and have been gently been easing myself back into “normal” life. I’ve spent the long dark evenings whittling the 5k photos down to a more manageable 500 or so […]