Whale Watch 2

Can’t believe how lucky I’ve been this trip. Woke up this morning and skies were relatively clear so it was all on for the whale watch. Feeling a little queasy having just returned from a very fruitful couple of hours marine life spotting.

Saw 3 male Sperm Whales (Big Nick, Little Nick and Rua- which is Maori for 2 as he has 2 nicks). You’ll have to make do with pic below (Sperm Whale dinner of giant squid from an animation shown on the boat) for now as file sizes a bit too humungous to post the real whale pics.

Giant Squid

Apparently female sperm whales being smaller and having less blubber ain’t too keen on the cold waters in the Kaikoura canyon (an under water canyon just off the Kaikoura coast that’s deeper than grand Canyon).

Also present a huge pod of Dusky Dolphins:

Dusky Dolphins underwater. Kaikoura, New Zealand

Dusky Dolphins swimming. Kaikoura, New Zealand

A Blue Penguin (apparently rare for them to be sighted around these parts) – smallest penguin in the world weighing in at a tiny 200g ; a Southern Albatross or two (wing span a whopping 3.5m from tip to tip), and finally some more Fur Seals:

Fur Seal on rocks, Kaikoura, New Zealand

All too soon it was time to come back to land. Fab, fab, tour but glad to be back on terra firma as I was starting to feel really nauseous.

Whale watch boats at wharf at South Bay Kaikoura

Mountains a bit more visible than they were yesterday too!

Kaikoura Ranges, Kaikoura, New Zealand

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2 thoughts on “Whale Watch

  • Hazel

    Hi Aba:
    So pleased you had some good sightings – we were all wondering if the marine life were going to come out and see you this time – they must have got the message! Sounds like it was worth the nauseous feeling! And the humungous drive.
    Thoroughly enjoyed having you for such a short/busy period.
    Take care.