Sky dive 2

So second post of the day but just so excited I couldn’t wait.

Mooched around Napier and got to Taupo sooner than expected. On the offchance asked about a sky dive and was fortunate enough to get in on the last one of the day. On board with me were Margaret from Cork not far off pension age, very nervous but very game (despite the nerves had opted for the 15,000 ft jump!), and two young folk from Antwerp. Lovely friendly bunch.

My tandem master for the day was Mike from Jersey who regaled me with tales of how he’d broken his foot a year ago to the day when his chute didn’t open – lucky to get away with just a broken foot I say.

Views were totally amazing. Huge lake Taupo was looking all lovely and atmospheric as there was a bit of high cloud about.

What an exhiliarating, awesome, experience. Wasn’t at all nervous about my totally impulsive decision but for the split second after we left the plane at 12,000 feet I did have a mild panic. 3 minutes of pure unadulterated pleasure. Nice landing and I could totally have got back on the plane and done it all again.

Me and fellow jubilant skydiving compatriots after the jump:

After the skydive at Lake Taupo

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2 thoughts on “Sky dive

  • Aba

    Hi Debi, welcome!

    Sky diving is not nuts it is what we were all born to do :)! Bloody fabulous and you should def do one just to prove to yourself that it’s a very wonderful thing.

    Right off to more leisurely pursuits – the seals await.