Otago Peninsular

Well, had a lovely time in Moeraki. Got some more Yellow Eyed penguin action at even closer quarters than I was able to get at Oamaru. If you look carefully you can see them hanging out next to the seals. Met a great guy – semi pro photographer from Holland called Bjorn (yes I know – we had a wee giggle about it too), who gave me some hot tips on where to watch the wildlife for the next stage of my journey.

Yellow Eyed Penguins and Fur Seals, Moeraki, New Zealand

Penguins and seals, Moeraki, New Zealand

Next day, a nice easy drive to Dunedin to pick up the crimbo supplies. Then off to Portobello on Otago Peninsular, which will be home for 4 nights (I arrived here a day earlier than planned which is great coz it is a fantastically lovely place).

Got the chores out of the way and settled in then it was off on a 20 Km or so round trip bike ride to Taiaroa Head at the tip of the peninsular for a tour of the albatross colony. Very informative it was too and lots of albatross action as they were nesting or flying in from a day’s feeding or the juveniles were taking part in a “teenage party” cruising the talent to hook up with for the next mating season.

Apart from the fact that the saddle was the most uncomfortable saddle in the world it was a beautiful ride along the coastline. Got back to camp tired, sore arse but very happy.

View from Otago Peninsular near Taiaroa Head

View from Otago Peninsular near Taiaroa Head

View from Otago Peninsular near Taiaroa Head

View from Otago Peninsular near Taiaroa Head

Had the bike overnight so was going to do a bit of back road cycling in the morning. Got on the bike and me arse said “Non!” so returned the bike and went for a drive instead.

First stop Sandymount Reserve. Parked up then walked up to the lookout. Then did a glorious walk to “Lover’s Leap”. Absolutely stunning! Just me, the sheep, pretty butterflies flitting around, tussock grass everywhere and unbelievably turquoise water at the final destination. And to think I contemplated turning back!

On the track to Lover's Leap, Otago Peninsular, New Zealand

View from Lover's Leap, Otago, Peninsular, New Zealand

View from Lover's Leap, Otago, Peninsular, New Zealand

After enjoying the view for a while it was back up the hill towards the car park via a shortish deviation in the direction of Sandfly Bay over beautiful sand dunes. Deep sand made the going pretty tough and I’d already been walking about 3 hours by this time so decided to leave Sandfly Bay for maybe another day.

Sand dunes en route to Sandfly Bay, Otago Peninsular, New Zealand

Back to the car park and into the van for more driving round the beautiful peninsular and a tea time stop at Hooper’s Inlet to polish off the rest of my lunch. It was so cool just sitting there in the peace and quiet and amazing view, watching the crabs, and water birds. Yet another truly wonderful day. I almost didn’t mind getting bitten to fuck by sand flies and having me legs scratched to shreds by thistles (note to self – “you bought yourself insect repellant long walking trousers so bloody well use em – shorts not a good idea in these situations”).

Otago Peninsular

Hooper's Inlet, Otago Peninsular, New Zealand

Back to base and time to park up the van for a few night’s luxury in my tourist flat for crimbo.

Campervan or …


Christmas Crib?

Christmas Crib

Made meself a rather delicious dinner (even if I say so meself) of ultra fresh salmon fillet sauteed potatoes and assorted veg. After that was going to try and catch the sunset in one of Portobello’s beautiful little beaches but came over all tired like so spent the rest of the evening blobbing in front of the (somewhat crap) telly. Pretty promptly found meself dozing off so got the message and had an early night.

Today, decided to let the bus take the strain and hopped into Dunedin where I shall have a little explore for the day before heading back to the peninsular and some more Yellow Eyed Penguin action (can’t get enough of them) this evening.

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